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Discovering the province of Trapani

Trapani is one of the best summer destinations to choose for your holidays, both for its beauty and for its convenient location, which allows you to reach different places that are worth visiting during your stay in these Sicilian lands.

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What to see in Trapani?

Once you arrive in Trapani, the historic center will welcome you with open arms. Despite its small size, it brings with it both a great historical and cultural baggage due to the various invasions it has suffered over time, giving visitors many attractions that allow you to relive moments belonging to the past; furthermore it is possible to admire a magnificent lanscape with a rich and dense vegetation, mountains, inlets, beaches with crystal and clear waters

Do not miss the beach on the Lungomare Dante Alighieri, full of facilities where you can rent sun loungers and deck chairs or eat comfortably in excellent restaurants by the sea.

During your holiday we recommend you to visit Torre di Ligny, an ancient quadrangular tower built by the Spaniards to defend the city from the raids of the Barbary pirates and later used as an anti-aircraft post during the Second World War and the Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum, one of the museums most important of all Sicily, divided into five sections such as marble and tombstones, paintings, industrial arts, Renaissance sculpture and memories of the Risorgimento.

Do not miss the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the cathedral of Trapani rich in history with baroque notes. The Church of the souls of purgatory, an important church for Catholic worship, it is the seat during the year of the "20 sculptural groups" of the procession of the mysteries that parade through the city during on Easter friday. The San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art, which manages the DiART Collection and the S. Alberto artists' church.

The History of Trapani Is also told by another important monument namely Fountain of Saturn, god of the sky, whose legend tells that he frightened his father Crono with a scythe that fell into the sea creating the city of Trapani together with the Clock Tower, one of the astronomical clocks oldest in Europe fully functional.

Other important places that deserve to be visited are the fish market, which tells the maritime history of Trapani, the Saline di Trapani and Paceco, a protected nature reserve where you can discover the processing of salt and admire the ancient windmills.

These are just some of the most beautiful attractions of Trapani that we highly recommend, but during your stay you will discover many others in every corner of the city.

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Erice is the closest town to Trapani and it is an ancient medieval village perched on a rocky cliff of over 750 meters. It is considered one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Sicily as it offers a splendid view over the city of Trapani, the Egadi Islands and San Vito lo Capo.

Once in the village of Erice, we recommend visiting the Cathedral of King Federico, the Castle of Venus, the Balio gardens and the Torretta Pepoli, while enjoying an excellent Genovese Ericina, the typical dessert of the mountain.

It is possible to reach the small village by car, taking about 25/30 minutes. Once you reach the summit, there are many paid parking lots. Another most popular and recommended solution is the cable car: with a cost of about € 9.50, it offers a beautiful view that will amaze you in 10 minutes. For those who are fond of trekking or mountain biking, we recommend using the paths used by the forest.

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Isole Egadi

Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are the three islands that form the archipelago of thr Egadi Islands that deserve to be visited

Favignana is the most popular of the islands: it can be reached quickly, it is the largest of the islands and it is full of services to best accommodate tourists. The main attraction is certainly the crystalline sea framed by beaches, coves and the uncontested nature that colors the island. We recommend visiting Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa, Lido Burrone, Calamoni Beach, Cala Faraglioni, Praia Beach and Bue Marino Beach. Each of these beaches has its own peculiarities and will amaze everyone, from the oldest to the youngest.

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San Vito lo Capo

Caribbean beach, clear and limpid water and golden sand, this is San Vito lo Capo.

The city welcomes visitors with the Belvedere of Macari, from Monte Cofano to the cliffs of Cala Mancina, which offers one of the most beautiful sunset in Sicilly. In the center of the town the Sanctuary of San Vito Martire tells the story and the Chapel of Santa Crescenzia tells the legends. We also recommend visiting the Tonnara del Secco, a suggestive and fascinating place together with Baia Santa Margherita, a splendid beach set between Castelluzzo and Macari and framed by the cliffs of Cala Mancina and Monte Cofano.

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The city is located in the westernmost point of mainland Sicily and the main attractions are undoubtedly the wines and Riserva dello Stagnone.

The vineyards in this city have a greater propensity for natural oxidation and a higher level of sugars, which gives elegance and richness to the wines. The most famous is the Marsala fortified wine and owes this fame to the English merchant John Woodhouse who in 1773, after tasting this wine fell in love with it, imported it to England and the English had the same reaction. Woodhouse thus returned to Sicily and began to produce and market it. In 1833, the Palermo entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio also began the production of Marsala wine and within a few years he acquired the Woodhouse plant, becoming the first producer.

We recommend taking a guided tour with wine tasting in the beautiful Marsala cellars!

The Natural Reserve of the Stagnone Island of Marsala is the largest lagoon in Sicily. Heaps of salt, windmills and huge mirrors of salt water create the perfect setting for unforgettable sunsets. In its two thousand hectares there are the small island of Shola, Santa Maria, San Pantaleo, known as Mozia, and Isola Grande.

These are just some of the most beautiful attractions in western Sicily and it will be fun and exciting to find yourself discovering many other attractions that make your holiday in Trapani unique and unforgettable.